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Buenos Aires, it's music, Tango, my favorite song Cambalache.

This is my most urban collection, sexy, romantic and bold.

When I think of a city, I envision Buenos Aires, Roma, Paris, New York. And I can't stop thinking about Tango. This is the music that runs through my veins. This is the music that transports me into the childhood memories of my dearest grandmother Elvira, playing the piano. Tango rhythmically describes my background, it is the sound of my history. Tango was there, holding my hand in my first dance with my husband... "El día que me quieras", by Gardel and Lepera.

Every time I come back from Argentina I am infused with new emotions and ideas, with burning inspiration. The city and its sounds talk to me and provoke my imagination. Tango is my story, it is the Cafe with old friends, it is my people, it is my passion, it is my music.

Here I introduce you to Cambalache, on of my favorite songs, which as time goes by it becomes more and more meaningful to me. Tango waits for you until you feel it. Every time I listen to it, I return home.