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Amulets, talismans, hope, protection, love, magic, happiness.

At different times in life we all have used amulets, talismans or colors that we believe bring us fortune, or create special circumstances. Sometimes we feel protected, more hopeful, or more connected using particular symbols or objects that are dear to us.

I remember that for the longest time I wore around my neck a turquoise Egyptian beetle, a beautiful locket that belonged to my maternal grandmother, as well as a moon pendant made out of gold that was sent to me along with a letter by my Italian friend Lucia, who wrote "La luna ti porta fortuna"... The moon brings you good fortune.

I infused these objects with meaning and they became my amulets, my guardians. These were my "buona fortuna" charms (good luck charms). They protected me, or even cast a spell on me, because years later at a very special place called "La Luna" I met the love of my life. And, under the blue moonlight on a magical night we shared our first kiss.

You may choose to believe, or not... I believe.

This is my most hopeful collection, and all my good wishes of happiness and inner peace are my present to you.

"In bocca al luppo..."