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Gems, crystals and stones powerful energies that heal.

All started the summer of 1993 when unexpectedly I met a shaman who introduced me to the magical and mysterious powers of gems. A year later I was involved in an accident. I reconnected with the sage and he nursed me back to health and into a fabulous recovery using the healing influence of gems.

As years went by, I traveled, discovered new places and met different people.

In 1999 I arrived in the United States and I was invited to a gem exposition. I played with gems, crystals and special stones, read about them, researches and experimented and tried on myself their beneficiary energies. I learned, and I experienced a newfound balance and health.

If I ever had doubts about the curative power of gems and crystals, they have been dispelled. I discovered and enjoyed the inspiration and strength that lies within these precious stones.

Now, I could not imagine or conceive my life without them. This led me to start making jewelry using gems and crystals, so through my creations I could offer these energies to persons and the universe. I design and construct my jewel creations with love, quality, consciousness and profound attention to every detail.

I want to thank all the amazing healers that crossed my path and enriched my life and my spiritual world.

Peace. Paz.