Crystal, spiritual and healing products in Los Angeles, California.
Hand made shalls from India in Los Angeles.
Palo Samto healing sticks in LArchmont and Los Angeles
Sage for hokme cleansing in Los Angeles
Totes, hand made by Colombian native women.
Crystal stones in Los Angeles, California
Crystal stones for healing and body-spiritual balance in Los Angeles, California.




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Crystal jewelry and stones, candles, crafts and spiritual objects contribute to a more powerful and peaceful being.

When the spiritual meets the arts and the arts meets the spiritual, the crafts and products created are the result of soulful labor by artists and artisans translating their personal life experiences into artistic manifestations with a purpose of enhancing a spiritual life.

Beauty, aesthetics, spiritual inspiration produce healing artifacts as well as ornaments for the body, home or office that enhances our spiritual growth and soulful living.

From healing and protective crystal jewelry to woods, plants, incenses and essential oils, your life will become closer to what is experienced by highly spiritual beings and shamans.

Spiritual products grouped by their meaningful relations to my life experiences and learning.

Collections include items grouped by my most meaningful life experiences and learning, such as Shamanic Call for leanings of the soul and healing, Rebirth of Chakras regarding the use and balance of energies in our body, Gifts to Yemanja from gratitude to the Ocean goddess of the sea and the moon, and others.

These collections are helpful for our clients to see what items and products are helpful for the area or evocation that different collections may evoke on them.

Spiritual artifacts and products are directly related t,o and affect the energies in your body and mind.

I had an accident that severely impacted my life. I started using single stones, and found that they worked. I started experimenting with them, using some more stones which led to a process of learning healing by experience.

They worked! From shamans and other more learned than me I continued learning and experimenting with a variety of crystals and stones. I can say that "they worked" because they changed my emotions, balanced me, I started to attract good things, I had no fear anymore, and I was more calm - healing stones did change my life.

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